Let me introduce myself

Growing up in a small town in upstate New York most definitely helped shape who I am today. Granville, New York. A place where everyone knows who you are and where you live. Also the only place I've ever known as 'home'.

For those who don't know me - I'm Rachelle. You can call me Rach. A mama to a sweet little lady, a wife, and a dog-mama to 3 German Short-haired Pointers. Also a Care Manager and an established business owner; a family + wedding photographer. The face behind Forever Young Photography.

Let's Connect

lover of simplicity,

natural light, & day-dreams

Photography has been a hobby that's fueled my soul since I was a little girl, using those trendy disposable cameras. It was always about capturing the moments, big + small, but it's become so much more than that. The simplicity of a moment, the meaningful deep connections, the love and all of the laughter.

Together we'll explore. I'll likely give some-what creative and some-what crazy posing prompts to help get you comfortable in front of my lens. My goal is to capture the moment in both an artistic and authentic way, to help tell your story for the years ahead.


My 1st publication was in the 'Babies & Newborns' edition of The Photograp[HER] Magazine in January 2023.


My second publication was in Issue #645 of the Fashion Kids Magazine in June 2023.


My third publication was in Issue #972 of the Brand Model Magazine in June of 2023.

1st Magazine Publication

With a doubtful but also hopeful mind, I submitted an image from Bailey's newborn session to The Photograp[HER] Magazine for publication in their 'Babies & Newborns' edition in January 2023. I received an email notification from the owner/founder, requesting a high-resolution file of the image I submitted to allow for it to be published. I cried. I cried tears of happiness and joy. Since then, I've continued to submit images to various magazines and have continued to receive publication. To say I'm proud of myself is an understatement. Here's your sign to step out of your comfort zone. Be bold.